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I hate both the Anti-Yandere Simulator crowd and the fanatic-Yandere Simulator crowd, simultaneously

In critiquing Yandere Simulator, I hope to do something that both groups fail to do:
Give good criticism.

What is “good criticism”?

Good criticism, when taken well, improves things.

Good criticism, when viewed by other people, is a learning experience.

Good criticism, when done well, is not made in bad faith—In fact, there is almost always a hint of good faith since you want things to improve as a result of your criticism.

dyc3’s outstanding video on Yandere Simulator’s code hooked me into the Yandere Simulator shitfest, which further convinced me that more content like dyc3’s needs to exist.

But let’s be real here, a lot of “criticism” is made in bad faith, superficial, or both.

In the end, I can only bottle up my burning hate and try my best to turn it into something somewhat constructive—And maybe not made entirely in bad faith.

Special Thanks:

  • Encho, for thoroughly fact-checking this post and quickly scanning over this post.
  • Automattic, for creating the current WordPress site design. (Currently considering moving to own our server with a less-bloated CMS.)
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